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I'm Chaepy aka Jonas and 16 years old. I develop with HTML, Css, PhP, JavaScript and Java.

The founding of Chaepy was on 29.07.2015! The name came to my mind when I saw the ad to the movie Chappie. Since then, I want to make a company out of Chaepy.

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My Skills

PhP and JavaScript 87%
Java 36%
Graphic Design 82%


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Website Webdesign

A normal Website, a Onepager or Type-Pack (A offer for Designers and Mc-Servers) everything is possible!

Buy for ~24,99€ - 99,99€
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DesignPack Graphic Design

Includes one YouTube banner, profil picture and a branding.

Buy for 4,99€
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Minecraft Lobby-System Plugin Software

Include jumppads, hide player stick, shop, compass and all commands like /hub, /spawn, /l...

Buy for 1,99€


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